quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2009

Project Ephebos 3D&T - Teaser

This is the Age of Heroes. Carved in ash by Zeus, father of the gods, armed in bronze and tempered by the fires of Troy and Thebes which destroyed a large part of their ancestral Aqueus, it is up to the new generation of demigod heroes to decide the fate of the kingdoms of heroic Greece.

Driven by the prolonged absence of their kings, lords of kingdoms such as Pylos, Mycenae and Argos, only their excellence can be put to the test by the numerous unholy plagues, monstrous creatures and bloody invasions that threaten the entire peninsula and islands. Only these young Greeks, despite his boyish inexperience, may be cunning enough to set off alone in search of the fate of their parents and elders, facing strange peoples of dangerous costumes, cruel witches of primal magic or the fury of the gods, for their terrible daring in wanting to change the fortune of those they ostracized.
In this game, players assume the role of young people, blessed with Areté, the virtue of divine heroes, and the overwhelming Hubris, the arrogance of a superior breed of violent men they inherited. Will the players make theirs one of the kingdoms' Blessed by the gods, or leave them devoid of life as the ghostly realms of the underworld? Will these young people redeem their parents of their unfortunate destination or will they become the new champions of Olympus, making company with the Twelve Gods in their constant intervention in the lives of other mortals?

The Project Ephebos, which is a working title, will be a game of epic fantasy based both in Greco-Roman mythology and its epic poetry as well as the fantastic action of Japanese manga and anime.

The system will be based on the 3D & T RPG, the classi Brazilian game loved by thousands of players and constantly evolving and refinning.

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