terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

Tokyo Super Sports Star 316.000

Over on rpg.net people are discussing ways to adapt the excelent 3.16 game to other venues.

Being the lazy, fatting, inglorious basterd that I am, I quickly jumped on the train to rescue an old idea of mine that was loosely based on Captain Tsubasa.

So I bungled together these quick and dirty rules for a Tokyo Super Sports Star 316.000.

Keep the Reputation, because everybody knows if you're a hot star. FA and NFA become Playing Abiliy and Non-Playing Ability, for the skills you have on the pitch, and everything else. Kills have to change, of course, and Become Achievements, to cover goals scored, saves, hat tricks, killer crosses, etc. If this seems too much, make it cover only Goals and change the name accordingly, but record the number of passes, saves and everything else on the space used for Kit, Medals and Notes. Keep the Ranking, because every team has a Captain and Sub-Captain.

Kits and Weapons become the Skills to play the game, Threat Tokens become the opposing team's Team Ability, and Development is all about the stuff that happens between matches: trainning, dating, skipping classes, etc.

Sure this needs developing. I own the original 3:16 game but have yet to play it, so I have absolutely no idea how this would play out, but I think it's worth the shot.

Care to try it? :)

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Espírito Livre disse...

cara, o Eero Touvinen pediu para te procurar... estou traduzindo o solar system e ele disse que vc tem algum material! favor entre em contato: stefano.pelletti@yahoo.com.br

Espírito Livre disse...

João, por favor entre em contato comigo. Estou traduzindo o Solar System e no Forge me informaram que você pode possuir algum material.